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Blankety Blank :(

Meabh makes use of an old fishing lure (now a rattle)

Recent commitments (changing nappies and such) have meant very little free time to get out for fishing, but after weeks of waiting to hit the shore I finally got out for a lure fishing session yesterday evening. It was to be just my second lure session of the year. There have been promising reports starting to trickle in of the first few bass being caught in East Cork waters on lures in the past week or two, so I decided to head to a mark which can throw up a few bass if the conditions are right. The conditions however were not ideal, mainly due to the cold north-westerly off-shore wind and a neap tide, although I had caught fish from the mark before in North Easterly winds, and also had great success there on a neap tide, so decided to give it a go.

The Soldiers - Shallow Running Lures

I got my soldiers (Feed Shallows, Megabass X-140, Slug-gos) ready for the trip, sharpened the hooks, and set off with high hopes of a first fish for the year. On arriving at the mark, I noticed the sea was fairly flat, although there was some swell coming in causing smallish waves to fizz up as they hit the shore. A lot of areas at this mark are very shallow, and any deep diving plugs will be going straight to lure heaven as they get caught on submerged rocky crags. I usually use only shallow running lures, such as the Feed Shallow, Ima Komono, X-140 or soft plastic lures rigged weedless (see lure on right in photo above – the hook is lying just outside the soft plastic eel, and can thus be fished through rocky / weedy areas and most of the time not get snagged/lost).

Calm Cool Conditions

The neap tide was rising and 3 hours from full, and the tide actually seemed to be pushing quite fast. I ventured west along the coast fishing various points with both the Feed Shallow and the Slug-go, but didn’t get a tap anywhere. I moved on to trying the X-140 lure across a bay area and further on, and then started working my way back, again with no interest being shown by anything. It was extremely quiet. Over the 3 hour session there was no sight or sound of either bird, fish, human or even insect. The only lads sharing the shore with me that I could see were the peri-winkles and limpets. I suspect the fish were staying out in slightly deeper water, or possibly had even all moved further into the harbour where baitfish may have been gathering.

Maybe next time!

A Moment's Rest