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Fish in a Barrel…

Mackerel were present in their tens of thousands in Kinsale town on Sunday night.. I happened to have a rod and some feathers in the car so I joined the party and cast out a very short distance. No sooner did the feathers hit the water that I had four joey (young) macks on the line..
I fished for just 20 minutes which was enough to land 25 of the beautiful fish, so that’s dinner sorted for the next few nights 🙂 I was totally unprepared and did not have any bag to store my catch in – so a pizzeria across the road reluctantly provided me with a paper bag.. which of course disintegrated later in my car boot leaving two dozen mackies flying every which way as I drove the windy road home.

I suspect a lot of people in Kinsale had mackerel for dinner last night, there were droves out on the Sunday at various spots filling their car boots, bags, hats etc. with the silver flashy fishies.

Mackerel remains my favourite fish to eat, and unlike most species which I most often release, the macks are not so lucky when they cross my path. I feel bass is totally over rated as an eating fish, and that the humble mackerel, on the other hand, is totally underrated and truly delicious.



I went out last night to fish the end of a dropping tide and the start of the rising tide, but alas it was not to be. I was fishing a well known estuary mark and without a doubt there was a few fish around, but I couldn’t for the life of me get any interest in any of my lures (the photo below is a bit of a giveaway, but the mark is so well known among bass anglers that it’s hardly giving away any secrets).

2013-07-20 21.16.44

Over the course of a two hour session I spotted bass breaking the surface a few times, other times I just heard them, and saw the wake left behind from a fish who had just broken the top of the water.  I had one brown trouser moment in the dark when a bass swam headfirst into my leg, that gave me the heebie jeebies for the next while.. but no matter what lures I put in front of them they just were not interested (maybe the easterly breeze didn’t help?).

A Blank Last Night


There are some very interesting looking winds being forecast for the coming week – after all the fine settled weather over the past 3 weeks, this could stir things up a bit and get the silver fellas into a more aggressive feeding mode…



A Few More Fish…

A very quick report – I got out again last night and managed to hook 3 bass … although 2 of these managed to shake the hook on the retrieve 😦 It is very frustrating when you have almost landed a good fish, and then he or she pulls a Houdini act just at the critical moment… In any case the fishing was slow enough – conditions on the night looked very good and I had expected there to have been more activity.

I love fishing late high tides which coincide with the onset of darkness, or a flooding (rising) tide into darkness – these have been the most productive tides for me at most of the spots I fish, and as a general rule of thumb the majority of fishing marks would fish better on a flooding tide than on a dropping tide – but of course there are plenty of exceptions to the rule.

The first fish fell to a Feed Shallow in pearl colour, the 2nd bass to a weedless-rigged soft plastic paddle-tail type lure, and the 3rd to a Feed Shallow in mullet colour. There was a couple of other fish over the course of the session which attacked the lures but did not get hooked.

The mark that I was fishing had the dreaded floating green seaweed again, this time it was very difficult to get escape it – so a lot of salad plucking from hooks was called for over the 3 hour session.

The photos below are pretty crappy so apologies – it is always tricky juggling a rod, a mobile phone and a live fish at the same time whilst trying not to drop your phone in the sea and keep the fish still…

Bass #1 Schoolie

Bass #1 Schoolie

Bass #1, Schoolie