Me @ 10

Catching mackerel on Inis Meáin

Is mise Féilim Breatnach.

I began lure fishing at the age of 11 when I got my first ultra bendy green fishing rod & reel from a local toystore. After a couple of weeks of practicing casting of a 1oz. lead in the garden, I moved up to the big time and began fishing with my dad at some local rock marks.  Pollock and mackerel were the targets and we caught plenty, in both counties Clare (Blackhead & Fanore) and Galway (Aran Islands).  I was hooked.

Now, over 20 years on I am probably more hooked than I was back then, but now I try to fish for more than just mackerel (although they remain my preferred fish to eat).  My favourite target species is undoubtedly the brilliant sea bass, although I still love fishing for pollock, mackerel and more recently wrasse, aka the rockfish.  Now and again I dabble in the art of bait fishing, but to me it never feels quite as enjoyable as angling with a light rod, reel, a couple of lures and a stretch of coastline to walk along and explore.

Me @ 30

Catching a mackerel from the same spot 20 years later.

In the year of blog launch (2012) I have acquired a second hand angling Kayak. The plan this year is to get up to speed with lessons and try out the whole angling from a kayak caper.  With some luck I will be hooking up with other local kayak anglers who may show me the ropes.  The purpose of this blog is to document, and share my angling experiences both from the shore, and kayak for the years to come.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Caoilte says:

    Well done, lovely photos and I am looking forward to my first bass catch some day soon!

  2. Sean O Brien says:

    very enjoyable read feilim, man have you changed 🙂
    excellent blog by the way……sean o b

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