Finding the Fish

After a disappointing exit from the Euros yesterday, the only thing for the post Bleu blues was to get out and chuck a few lures. The wind had been brisk all day, and the northerly element added a bit of a sting in the tail. In the hope that the wind would drop as darkness fell, I headed to an open-water mark to try for some bass.

The dreaded floating sea lettuce greeted me on arrival (aka floating green shite), and was present in abundance. I got into the rhythm of the old chuck a lure, enjoy 5 meters of clear water and then haul in a fist sized lump of goo for the remainder of the retrieve for a time. Eventually I moved east and tried some other nearby water (with the same result). It was time to wade out to some rocks – in the hope that the water beyond would be clearer – thankfully it was. The wind seemed to pick up to what felt like a force 4/5, and I cowered behind a boulder out of the line of its bite, using it to help me gain some extra distance on casting to the south east.

After a time and a smoke, and when the sun was properly down, I finally felt a rattle of a fish which immediately threw the lure. Cursing my luck, the same thing happened shortly after – but it was nice to know there were a few fish around. The wind finally started to drop and the first fish came, taken in close and around the 52cm mark.

Bass #1 @ 52cm

Bass #1 @ 52cm

With dropping wind and tide, I accessed some other rocks giving a better casting area, and 3 casts later had a subtle hit, followed by some ferocious line stripping. A good bass had been sitting just inside a finger of rock which ran in front of me and on taking the lure took off like a rocket to the left. Thankfully the drag was loose enough and I let her take line before she started to turn. She took another couple of runs on the way in, and just as the fish was landed the leader snapped an inch above the lure clip knot. A wave washed in and it has heart in the mouth moment but phew the fish was still ashore. I lifted her and carried to a safer spot and measured a nice 68cm fish, going 1cm better than my previous best of 2016.

Some blurry photos and a quick video later, she recovered in a calm water area and swam away strong.

Bass #2 @ 68cm

Bass #2 @ 68cm

I fished on for another 30 minutes and had one more schoolie, which took the lure when it had been left totally stationary for about 10 seconds. It was the smallest fish of the night but a nice way to wrap up the session.

Bass #3 @ 46cm

Bass #3 @ 46cm

The 68cm fish:


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